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Use existing api to tell whether a formfield is disabled or not and to set/unset disabled on a field, handle the case of checkboxes and select fields, where the attribute should not be set whe it is false (e.g. disabled=0 == disabled)

This fixes upstream automated tests on xowiki and xowf

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Fixed serious bug killing at least short-text questions in inclass exam

The bug was introduced in [1], by testing for the existence of the

disabled attribute, and when it exists, it was omitting values

reading. The problem is that when form-fields are reset, the

"disabled" attribute is set to 0, leading the exists check to

succeed. In essence, This change sets now the default value of the

form-field to "0", such that it is safe to test it everywhere.

Originally, it was not set by default to save resources (memory and

processing power), but this requires a more careful analysis when

changes happen.

[1] https://fisheye.openacs.org/browse/OpenACS/openacs-4/packages/xowiki/tcl/xowiki-www-procs.tcl?r1=1.368.2.125&r2=1.368.2.126

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Port of downstream hotfix: questions defined with an empty scoring might later fail the score calculations

One might consider preventing empty scores altogether via validation

fix compatibility with tdom 0.9.3

fix for old-style ad_form based forms with radio or checkbox controls for bootstrap 5

These controls were used with a bootstrap3 classes, which had the consequence

that no input was possible for these fields. Probably, similar changes

are as well necessary in other situations as well.

escape also brackets

prefer variable over method invocation

improve wording

provide basic support to make bootstrap3 and 5 switchable

bumped version to 5.10.1d25

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Alignments for Bootstrap 5

Also, use form.form for creating forms from the menubar instead of

old-strle ::xowiki::Forms. Aligned as well regression test to use


Bump version number to 5.10.1d24

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increase robustness

use preferred idioms to use btn-default/btn-secondary for bootstrap3/bootstrap5

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refine form.form and validation errors

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align instance variable values of formfield "form" with "textarea" to make subclassing simpler

reduce level of verboseness

fix bug: tcl clock format %e returns in current versions single digit values with leading whitespace, which are invalid values for the options field.

Since non of the date-component fields is supposed to contain leading (or trailing) white-space,

this is now trimmed.

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Extend randomization of multiple alternatives for cases, where one alternative must be "true"

Certain evaluation schemes for multiple choice questions require that

at least one alternative must be true. Otherwise, a division by 0

might appear. This is an issue, when a subset of alternatives is used

(e.g. 3 out of 10 alternatives). The version know evaluation schemes

with such a requirement and makes sure that in the resulting set, at

least one correct alternative is correct. Note: this change does not

make sure that the full set of alternatives contains at least one

correct alternative.

include field name in debug message

add canvas evaluation scheme of MC questions

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Treat disabled form fields as they are: fields that the browser would not send to us and need to be treated "internally"

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fix typo

Delete CKEditor 3 (which was replaced by CKEditor 4 in 2012)

CKEditor 4 is continued to be supported.

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comment recent smelly change

+CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Support specification of allowed tags/attributes/protocols via global package parameters.

This change makes it possible to define for a package values for

AllowedTags, AllowedAttributes, or AllowedProtocols. If (some of)

these exist, use these for configuring "ad_html_security_check". If +

not, fall back to the default (site wide) definition.

This change is fully backward compatible and effects on sites defining

such global parameters. This change was induced by the need of large

sites, where it is not feasible to set these parameters on the package

instance level, since this site has 830000 packages instances.

Bump version number to 5.10.1d19

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Actually not enforce options validation on disabled formfields

The reorder_box must always be treated as a multiple field

Explicitly set the :plugin <variable>

Support the extraPlugins attribute the same as the CKEditor4 richtext formfield, as some places in xowiki assume it

issue error for unexpected value

date formfield does not need special conversion when converting to external, its value is already converted when rendered