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- textarea: added attribute "autosave"

- set autosave attributes in text_fields, when "multiple_lines" was specified.

- remove for the time being "hkey" from "non_cached_instance_var_patterns",

since this was recently fixed (TODO: check regression test and reactivate it later)

- new Externally callable method: autosave-attribute:

this is a simplified version of "save-attributes", but which does

NOT perform input validation, which might be a problem in case of partial input

- add "autosave-attribute" to all policies, where "save-attributes" was set

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whitespace changes

fix typo in make_correct

added support for solution hints on checkbox and radio questions

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- name test-item sepcific form-fields for "in_position" and "minute" with a "test_item_" prefix

- added points calculation in addition to score

added support for randomization not only per user, but as well per position

if "shuffle" finds precomputed seeds, used these to improve randomization

CompoundField->value: return always the value from get_compound_value

add optional text descriptions to short_text fields

generalize modifier handling in "correct_when"

prefer "string map" over "regsub"

autocorrection: support *lower* float for correct_when=in

avoid potential tilde substitution (many thanks to Markus Moser)

stick to varnames used on many other places for the same information

provide pretty-print methods for tabular data views

support show_max for short_text answers

add flag "-from_repeat" to CompoundField.get_named_sub_component_value

In case the named component is from a repeated field, this can be used

to skip the template element from the return value

fix typo

- new form_field class: reorder_box, which can be used e.g. in ordering exercises in e-assessments

- better handling of disabled_as_div (when feedback is provided via input highlighting)

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don't omit output escaping for "render_as_div". Not sure, why this was set.

reduce verbosity

Remove superfluous expr in first-arg to if

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add file upload to short_field type

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prefer accessing variable consistently via variable resolver check= methods

trim submitted value in answer_check=answer_words

fix and document answer_check=answer_words

implementation of feature request #3431

reduce verbosity

added "starred" grading scores, which should not be treated as final without teacher interaction

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improve spelling

provide "pretty_value" for text_fields, sort components of compound fields in "pretty_value"