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minor refactoring to correct old-style widgetSpecs; prefer variable resolver over method calls for unset

support editor=none in arbitrary form-field specs

prefer usage of "xo::write_tmp_file" over "xo::write_file" for writing tmp files

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fix creating/editing of xowiki::Forms

This change essentially reverts the change of July 2, which broke

the feature to specify "editor=none". This is important for the

"form" form-field entry, which requires a FORM tag, that is

usually removed by actual version of the ckeditor.

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upgrade default ckeditor from 4.15.1 to 4.16.1 (released in May 2021)

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In order to make the "editor=" formfield spec option have any effect, one should catch the value from the spec early, before the formfield is reclassed and initialized

This also exposes that the editor=none value is not valid (detected by xowiki and xowf automated tests). For this to be valid one should define it as a richtext subclass.

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make child_components a proc (::xowiki::formfield::child_components) and add filter expression

Added new method "child_components": Return for a list of form-field objs all child components

provide a less confusing name for new methodm improve comments

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Fix typo in comment

Implement reset_to_default method to reset formfields in case of validation error

the current behavior of this method is currently a no-op for every formfield, except files, where we want to make sure the value has been reset. We also handle the case now of compound fields, as they might be compounds of file formfields

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fix braces for return_url

added support for avoiding quoting of labels (e.g. in buttons)

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improve robustness

order entries delivered by form-field "form_page" by title, since the title is used as well as label

change for exam_review: omit subquestion summary in cases, where no subquestion has a correct when condition

fix function of formfield numeric: convert_to_internal_value

Added two types of grading schemes (in addition to "exact") to ordering exercises:

- "position": count elements as correct, when these are on the correct position

- "relative": count elements as correct, if the neighboring element is correctly before the actual element

The results are adjusted by the same guessing correction as in the "ggw" scheme for MC exercises.


- desired order: 1,2,3,4

- provided answer: 3,1,2,4

- scheme "exact": 0%

- scheme "position": 0 0 0 1

- scheme "relative": 0 1 1 (correctly ordered 1<2 and 2<4)

A minor refactoring was also performed to ease code reuse.

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provide friendly error message in error.log in case provided answer-values (for e.g. MC) are invalid

added parameter "-parent_id" for "abstract_page" to allow a developer to point to a single folder

Fix correct-when test of empty input when constraint is "<" or "<=". Many thanks for Florian Mosböck for finding this.

form-field "range": added optional output text box for displaying the actual value

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overhaul of formfield of type numeric

- use connection locale for localization per default

- accept always numbers in en_US

- support keeping optional the original user string (good for exams)

- use this new combination in textfields numeric type.

reduce verbosity, add statements to ease debugging

added new form-field type: comp_correct_when

added conjunctive answer-check

adde answer-check "contains-not"

The new form-field type offers a graphical user interface for input of

correct when clauses. When comp_correct_when is used with the repeat

flag it produces conjunctive (AND connected) clauses. The answer-check

"contains-not" is more or less the same a "contains", but highlights

such words in red.

bump version number to 5.10.0d71

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make end of resub options explicit

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mark end of switches to improve robustness, to support '-' in word variable

fix typo: list element '1' is the upper limit

improve spelling

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Improved styling of delete buttons

Added code to configure file-upload button (for now deactivated)

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