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- do not require to make generic create-or-use public for

non-admins in proctor mode

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new features for inclass exam workflow:

- additional flag "synchronized", can be specified on "create exam" page

- provide info about exam publication time and duration since publication

time to the details view of the exam protocol

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added skeleton for proctoring support

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added optional field for expected solution

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Added count-down timer for inclass-exam-answer.wf

- new API call Question_manager.exam_target_time

- new includelet "countdown-timer" (based on answer_manager.countdown_timer)

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allow minimal number of selected alternatives of 1 (does not always make sense, but it is useful for text exercises)

Improved display for print-answers:

- added link from exam protocol to single (more detailed) view

- display in exam protocol answer times up to the live-revision

(and not over all elements)

Improved display and interaction with print-answers:

- added explicit display of displayed revision and submitted revision

- added option to change live revision

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Improved display of print-answers:

- added information about current page of student

- improved display of submission state

- made message key capitalization more consistent

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Improved display of print-answers:

- provided API function "runtime_panel" for answer_manager

- added revision handling of submitted exams

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add duration, handle cases, where the exam was not submitted

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Add support for Answer_manager.result_table to return either abjects in "done" state (as before) or all objects

VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

avoid potential exceptions for empty submissions

Improve display of print-answers:

- provide API functions "get_duration" and "get_IPs" for ans

- added info box "runtime-data" in inclass-exam.wf about changed submissions

(number of revisions, duration, all IP addresses of the submission)

- added message keys for "nr_changes" and "duration"

- updated CSS to handle "runtime-data"

- bump version number to 5.10.0d16

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add "source_dependent" in case, some package extend e.g. the test_item class

call table data formatter, when avaliable

- make repeatable formfields better configurable (provde max number for repeated elements via parameter)

- improve robustness, when a form field does not provide a "correction" instance variable after "make_correct"

- imporve documentation

- test-items: added ordering item type (short_text_interaction)

- simplified code by using ':get_named_sub_component_value -from_repeat ...'

- refetch site-wide pages, when the source code of the site-wide pages changes.

- bumped version number to 5.10.0d16

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- new assessment workflow for in-class exam



- Defined common superclass for Assessments (AssessmentInterface) to

provide common infrastucture (assertion methods), and define other

interface classes as subclasses (Renaming_form_loader,

Answer_manager, Question_manager).

- extended message keys

- new prototype pages:












- Defined to following pages as site-wide:

Package site_wide_pages {













- Ensure availability of site-wide pages at startup

of server.

- bumped version number to 5.10.0d15

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add file upload to short_field type

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added support for upload interaction

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added "starred" grading scores, which should not be treated as final without teacher interaction

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- added public method "result_table" to answer_manager

- added mixin class for handling "form_field.pretty_value" in tables

- reduce verbosity

- distinguish between item_nr (for displaying item number) and position (from available items)

- provide hint for clearning menu

- activate live updates for online exam

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answer_manager get_wf_instances: pass "orderby" to xowiki.get_form_entries

add support for multiple grading schemes

add item shuffling for test item procs and do some minor refactoring

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revert incorrect change from some downstream code

Change message key notation (many thanks to Monika Andergassen)

switch back to previous version (change of Antonio was due to some local changes)