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added total points (in addition to total minutes) to the exam overview

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turn off rounding to full points for exams with very little points

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New public method for the renaming form loader: name_to_question_obj_dict

Provide quick mapping from the mangled attribute name to the question obj

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added detail info for xowf::test_item::answer_manager achieved_points

the result dict of this method has now a key "details" containing

information about the query object, the achieved points and the achievable points

for this test item. Previously, just the sums were reported.

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Fix glob flag

improve source code documentation

Disable proctored-session expiration check based on proctoring-support datamodel using the new flag, enable preview as before (upstream code has it disabled by default), disable examination statement as intended

Fix retrieving the template

Replace xowf proctoring implementation with that coming from proctoring-support

TODO: nicer detection of whether proctoring-support package is actually installed

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- integration of inclass-exam with personal notifications

- new (comnposite) includelet "exam-top-includelet"

- new www-calls for workflows:

* inclass-exam.wf:

. send-participant-message

* inclass-exam-answer.wf:

. message-poll

. message-dismiss

- bumped version number to 5.10.0d23

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Added edit-workflows for test items: edit-interaction.wf

This change eases tailorization of actions of editing workflow

and makes it possible to address all types of testitems via

a single term

-form en:edit-interaction.wf

instead of having to enumerate the relevant types explicitly as

it was before

-form en:TestItemText.form|en:TestItemShortText.form|en:TestItemMC.form|en:TestItemSC.form|...

For backward compatibility, the old enumeration is kept for a while. New test

items should be created over the new workflow, as e.g. in

{entry -name New.Item.TextInteraction -form en:edit-interaction.wf -query p.item_type=Text}

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improve source-code documentation

fix editing bug (many thanks to georg krommer for reporting and thomas renner for fixing it)

added support for inclass-exam for scheduled opening and closing of exams

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add ability to use x out of y questions (when order randomization is used)

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cleanup (generalize and simplify code)

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inclass-exam: report state durations on overview page (published, exam_review)

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add grading table and grading stats

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initialze variable always

refactor code to keep workflow definition shorter

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add grading statistics to exam protocol

add autograding table (not functional yet)

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fix typo

added more details (synchronized/not) for exam management page

- base percentage on results on total points,

- add confirm dialog on submit exam

- show audio on more browsers properly

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added participants list to inclass exam

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Added grading info to exam protocol, when autograding is active.

Added information about resonable settings for shuffling in an exam

Added information for teacher whether student exam review is possible

Added correct solution hints for SC and MC (to be displayed in exam protocol)

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activate live update

remove return button for student exam review

added a state for exam review for students

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