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make end of resub options explicit

Fix missing column in sql statement

improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

revert escaped file

don't fix potential exceptions, but try comment the case and avoid useless calls.

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undo recent commit

Port of downstream webDAV interface and a reference xowiki-based storage backend


- this implementation supports only a limited set of clients which is currently hardcoded

- no locking is currently implemented. Storage managers such as xowiki can mitigate this using versioning... but you have been warned

Currently supported clients:

- Cyberduck: https://cyberduck.io/

- WinSCP: https://winscp.net

- davfs2: https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/davfs2

- Gnome Virtual File System

- other neon-based dav implementations might work fine (at your own risk)

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Fix typos

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use DATE notation for full-day events instead of of DATE-TIME

- whitespace cleanup

Perform line folding: According to RFC 5545

make sure \n isn't escaped twice

make ical-procs usable for ::xo::library require

treat location field as text field (many thanks to Markus Moser)

prefer XOTcl2 idioms

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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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- change tabs into spaces

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adding method "xo::ical utc_to_clock"

- add support for all-day items

- stick to use cr/lf as required by RFC

- provide better modularization

-update to version 0.100, compliant with xowiki 0.105

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- factor out protocol handler from ical-procs, provide backward compatibility

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extend list of HTTP methods

roll back the changes in xotcl-core to the state of 2008-06-18 in order avoid conflicts in the release cycle

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merge in recent fixes from head

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some cleanup

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more general handling of ical formatted output

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minimal ical support for DAV requests

text conversion routines for ical export

Incomplete backport from my calendar extensions