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Add doc to public api

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new proc "ad_log_deprecated": unified interface for logging deprecated usages

The existing code used a larger variety of different messages to

denote invocations of deprecated procs and other

artifacts. "ad_log_deprecated" provides a unified interface, and

provides a usage hint what to use instead based on the API-doc

definitions in the log-file.

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Fix typo

Fix typo

Make ::xo::db::require package a shorthand for ::xo::library require, which will remember the dependency

This will also make sure that dependent files are reloaded when a dependency is reloaded

prefer global variable over proc

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improve comment

Prefer "::acs::dc call ..." over "::xo::db::sql::..."

Use the common new acs interface rather than the xotcl-core variant.

Goal should be on the medium time range to replace all of the

"::xo::db::sql::*" interface.

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Fixes for Oracle 19c: boolean and timestamp handling, *lobs

- fix boolean permission query

- function "now()" does not exist, use "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" instead

- revived blob and clob handling in "xo::dc dml" since this is needed

for updating

- modernize Oracle offset/limit handling

- added missing "-dbn" attributes for Oracle xo::dc calls

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Fixes for Oracle 19c: consistenly rely on uppercasing of the schema names in the called functions

Fixes for Oracle 19c:

- added special rules for DML differences in Oracle ("MODIFY" option in ALTER TABLE)

- fixed call of ns_pg_bind in Oracle applications

- fixed call of an SQL function returning a table

Improved startup time (of server, of threads) by using nsv_dict when available

During definition of attributes, the xo-db inteface checks whether

the db attributes managed by xotcl are in sync with the actual database.

This was done so far by a couple of small database query. When nsv_dict

is available, it can be used for quickly checking those values.

make function private

improved prepared-statement handling

- avoid separate SQL statement for testing, whether prepared statement

exists already in the SQL session.

- use true SQL session-id (obtained via "ns_pg pid") when available

- improve source code documentation

deactive callback definition to avoid calls of deprecated xo::parameter functions

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modernize code

simplify code (allow warning, although i am not fully convinced, this is a good idea)

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move documentation to the generic level, don't make methods public, which are intentionally non-public

Improve doc

"timestamp with time zone" is the name of a DBMS datatype, needs to be spelled this way

improve spelling

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improve spelling

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whitespace changes

small performance improvement

replace call to deprecated function

Fix typo

make end of resub options explicit

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Added support for row-level lock modes of PostgreSQL; used in "save" method of cr-items

This change is necesary to avoid potential dead-locks in concurrent "save" operations

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improve spelling

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improve spelling

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