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- brace expressions

- favor tcl-compilable string comparisons

- replace deprecated "ad_get_user_id" by "ad_conn user_id"

- replace deprecated "export_url_vars" by "export_vars"

- replace deprecated "export_form_vars" by "export_vars"

- replace deprecated "philg_quote_double_quotes" "by ad_quotehtml"

- replace deprecated "ad_parameter" by "parameter::get"

- replace deprecated "ad_require_permission" by "permission::require_permission"

- use $$ quoting in postgres SQL

- use named parameters for SQL functions

- provide compatility with pg9

- fix/complete define_function_args

- bumped version number to 5.8.0

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- adjust formatting of stored procedure to usual OpenACS guidelines

fix formatting to conform to usual OpenACS style

Moved function call to nvl/coalesce

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added missing ;

Speed up survey_response__initial_user_id by turning a function call

into coalesce.

merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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I've changed "timestamp" to "timestamptz" and have begun fixing some

code that used to be legal but as of PG 7.3 is not. You can no longer

subtract an integer from a timestamp but must cast to date, "timestamp"

disappeared (must use "interval" now), "datetime" disappeared ("timestamptz"),

and suchwhat.

Not done but closer than it was before ...

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forgot about all of the trigger work-arounds for data-change violation problem that no longer exists. Fixed now.

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merge from oacs-4-6

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call survey-notifications-init.sql

source notifications init file

source notificiations-init.sql file

fix question_delete (change to remove)

fix abstract data type for postgresql, add blob

clean up del/remove functions

error v_section_row used rather than v_question_row bug 1790/patch 495

fix postgresql data model

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fix foreign key constraint to refer to cr_revisions instead of cr_items

add "blob" as choice for survey_questions.abstract_data_type check constraint

fix postgresql create and drop scripts

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initial import

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