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Fix typos

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improve spelling

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Prefer string operators over empty_string_p. Whitespace changes.

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Fix typos

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Use consistently ad_script_abort after ad_return_error.

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- fix and standardize quoting in template properties

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- quote HTML attributes

- improve page-contracts

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- replace deprecated calls

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- use <property name="doc(title)">

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Add parameter CommentsDisplayedP, to control whether the comment link

and comments are shown inline remove files stanza from .info file and

bump version number. Use ns_returnfile when possible for returning

the page, propigate the displayed_object_id up to the main page.

Update the description slightly.

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make static page index page smarter about returning directory at mount point

merge all the changes on the oacs-5-1 and dotlrn-2-0 branches up to tag jcd-merge-20040420

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noquote the body arg per James Thornton

more noquote fixes

noquote changes (Dirk Gomez)

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Merge of all changes from oacs-4-6 to HEAD. All changes up to tag jcd-merge-2

on oacs-4-6 are included.

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www/page-visit.tcl now works properly with files under package

directories and under the global www/ page root.

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- Now supports multiple static-pages package instances, each with its

own fs_root parameter.

- static_pages.filename column is now relative to server root, not

page root. May still need an upgrade sript to convert old values in

db, see TODO comment in oracle upgrade-4.2a-4.3.sql.

- Added update to singleton_p = 'f' to upgrade scripts, which I left

out before.

- (Did NOT yet change www/page-visit.tcl to support files beneath the

packages/*/www/ directories.)

- Added other misc. comments.

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Show result message from sp_sync_cr_with_filesystem at bottom of page.

Added mutex locking prevent errors if more than one copy of

sp_sync_cr_with_filesystem runs at once for a single package instance,

plus related changes. Changed sp_sync_cr_with_filesystem proc to a

wrapper proc which now calls sp_sync_cr_with_filesystem_internal, in

order to properly free the mutex upon any unexpected error.

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The fs-scan page now shows a message when an error readin a file is

encountered, just like the fs-scan-progress page.

Fixed sp_sync_cr_with_filesystem and the fs-scan-progress.tcl page so

that the scan will properly continue after hitting an error on a

single file, rather than terminating abruptly. Also tweaked sp_*_item

output procs slightly.

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merge from oacs-4-6

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1. Minor wording change to the static pages admin index template

2. Made ad_form_new_p require a key name since guessing's arcane and


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spelling error in filename display-policy-toggle-orcale

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file display-policy-toggle-oracle.xql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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ns_return->ad_return, ad_script_abort, redirect to absract urls

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remove superfluous package local masters and use sitewide master by default

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propigate context to master