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bumped version numbers

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Richtext Xinha package revamp:

since this editor now seems to enjoy somewhat better support, I have "borrowed" much of the logic available in richtext-ckeditor4 so that users can keep their editor version up to date.

Notable changes:

- we do not ship the actual Xinha editor ourselves, it will by default come from the cdn (on Amazon servers) or can be downloaded locally as we do for CKEditor4

- plugins that have been developed specifically for OpenACS (which seem to keep working) are now maintained in a separate folder tree and configured in the editor specifically

- The configuration for which plugins should be available is now maintained at the package level

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release work

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bump version numbers of 5.9|5.10 packages to 5.10.0b1

adjust dependencies

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- do not depend on beta or development versions

- make sure that released versions are not beta or development

- align version numbers (e.g. use also 5.9.1 for xotcl-core)

- bump version numbers to 5.9.1

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bump version numbers to 5.9.1b9 respectively to 2.9.1b9 to prepare for release

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Bump version numbers for OpenACS 5.9.1b1

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- Don't set legacy configure parameters in new installations

- Make clear in parameter description in acs-templating, that this is

not the place, where xinha/tinymce should be configured

- Improve warning messages about usage of legacy parameters (tell admin what to do)

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- bump version number to 0.5

- don't use dashes ("-") in namespaces

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- don't try to show broken richtext editor on mobile devices

(it is better to show plain textarea than a display where nothing can be entered)

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- initial commit of richtext editor plugin for integrating Xinha with acs-templating

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file richtext-xinha.info was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.