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making changes in the include of tasks to receive one variable and to work with the orderby

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Fixing tasks page. Adding missing variables to the include. Got rid of the differentiation between watcher_p and observer_p, added a proper filter for the party_id, removed the role_id issue, added the option to pass a filter for package_id, allowing you to filter the projects to only the projects in this subsite

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adding queries, filters for is observer, also changing the number of rows shown in the portlet

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change portlets to support weekly view on calendars, change computation of latest_start and earliest_finish

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I18N support, added callbacks for file-storage, forums and contacts. Extracted lists into their own includes, same goes for portlets

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Get rid of ad_maybe_redirect_for_registration

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Upgraded to current code from 5.1

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moved from contrib

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