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skip "-url" in "export_vars -url" since it is the default

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Fix prepared statement syntax

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Replace api

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improve spelling

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Centralize retrieval of the test URL

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Add missing test data

file test.png was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Documentation changes

Use a microseconds resolution to store the proctoring artifacts

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Replace private with public api

Basic test of the proctoring upload endpoint

Implement a pre-selection filter for timeframes, which can be extended using downstream specific logics

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Improve upgrade:

- make output more visible when executed in the apm

- when atjobs are available, schedule the upgrade to run in the background at the next restart

Provide an api to delete proctoring artifacts together with their folder in order to reduce duplication

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Fix typo in doc

Fix typo in doc

Provide an api to store proctoring artifacts, and a callback hook for postprocessing

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file apm-callback-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Introduce a data model for "proctoring artifacts", aka the pictures

and audios, which so far have only lived as files in the filesystem

named after a convention

The new datamodel allows to quickly and reliably retrieve the pictures

collected by proctoring and also provides for a technical space, in

form of a JSON metadata column, to store additional information coming

from e.g. postprocessing phases.

The idea is to use this feature to provide reviewing tools of proctoring results and allow for flexile downstream postprocessing.

The file naming convention has not been changed for the time being, so this would be

retro-compatible. However, integrators should start relying on the new

data model to retrieve pictures.

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Merge if conditions

Improve doc

Fix typical last minute mistake

Proctoring enforcing reform:

so far, to proctor applications that do not have a "single point of entry", such as e.g. dotlrn communities, we have integrated the lib/proctoring-enforce include into the website master template. Now we improve from this by introducing a callback mechanism that allows the single packages to decide if a request is "theirs to be proctored" or not.

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file proctoring-callback-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Fix typo

improve spelling

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Update doc

Prefer returning forbidden, unauthorized actually asks for authentication

Fix typo

Safe Exam Browser support reform:

- capture both RequestHash and ConfigKeyHash from the request headers and use both to validate the request. This enables to choose to just enforce the plain conf, instead of the whole conf+binaries combination, which is platform-specific

- support storing multiple keys, required e.g. to support multiple platform-specific keys

- make suppling of the config file optional

- extend automated tests to cover new features

- clanup redundant index

- return config file using its stored filename

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