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Provide a flag border_p

When this flag is enabled, an additional border will be drawn around the iframe embedding the proctored object.

Useful to make the proctored session more visible by e.g. in-person supervisors during an exam.

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Provide a Bootstrap-agnostic way to make the iframe "as big as possible"

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Make btn CSS BS3 and BS5 aware

Many thanks to Monika Andergassen

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Hide other potentially visible components of the template master

Many thanks to Monika Andergassen

Prefer modal implementation from acs-templating to the various approaches used so far

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Implement "ground-truth" check for proctoring to make sure that we are sending pictures

When more than 10 times the expected maximum proctoring interval has pasased without any picture being successfully sent to the server, the proctored session will be aborted.

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Define variables as constants

Avoid message keys from packages outside the dependency tree, provide a way to customize the proctoring session name

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Allow to pass the doc array to the master (e.g. for the title)

added support for optionally turning off proctoring recodings

This options is useful e.g. for e.g. mock exams to avoid privacy issues.

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Allow in the include to selectively disable combinations of audio, camera and desktop recording (at least one stream needs to be enabled for proctoring to happen)

This allows to better tailor proctoring behavior to the user needs and privacy requirements

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Include the technical error message in the popup to the user when missing stream error occurs

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Allow to turn off the actual upload of proctored files e.g. to implement a test page or when proctoring should just be used as a deterrent

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Increase threshold to 5Kb

Reduce the threshold for images to be considered black:

in the wild it has happened that borderline-legitimate pictures of 7kbytes have triggered the check.

Pass the check_active_p flag down to the backend from the proctored page, update doc

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Move examination statement acceptance as last step of the proctoring wizard, localize the accept button, bind ajax logging of acceptance to the actual clicking of the accept button

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Update new message keys from downstream, make system name come from parameter, reactivate volume too low error message

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Bring togehter the thresholds in black picture checks to one value

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Remove unneeded error message

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An own package for proctoring support.

What is there

- adp includes implementing the main proctoring user interaction: desired page can be enclosed in an iframe that will send shaphots taken from browser's camera and microphone at random intervals. Various options can be specified, including custom UI messages and the include can be integrated in custom pages or as part xowiki/xowf object methods

- wizard-based step-by-step configuration of user's setup

- english and german localization

- default proctoring upload endpoints upon package mount

- configuration data-model and api

What is missing

- reporting UI includes (porting from downstream should come shortly)

- some message key is WU specific (but can be customized)

- further parameters/customization

- ...

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file proctored-page.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.