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avoid the usage of images for sorting order icons

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use proper bootstrap botton CSS classes

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Replace single quotes wuith double quotes in javascript expressions involving acs_ListBulkActionClick

this is really needed only for the URL part, but was done on the name as well for consistency. The reason

is even a properly encoded URL could still contain single quotes, therefore breaking the expression,

while double quotes are expected to be encoded in valid, urlencoded URLs. This relies on trusting the developer

to properly encode URLs, which should be expected. An alternative could involve active escaping of

javascript special characters by e.g. ad_js_escape.

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- make boolean tests in .adp files more uniform

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fixes for list-widget:

- fix html, when "page_size_variable_p" is set (must have been broken

since ages)

- replace onchange handlers in table and table-2third templates by event listeners

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- replace "onclick" handler in .adp files by event listener

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- provide image dimensions

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- adding 'unsafe-inline' to list templates until need for "onclick" is removed

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- initial import of iopenacs-bootstrap3-theme

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