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fixed bug #3469

First submenu item was missing. This bug is identical in the bootstrap3

and bootstrap5 theme packages. Many thanks to Keith Paskett for

rpeoprting and suggesting a fix.

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Make URLs assumed to be hosted on openacs.org absolute

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Fix for sitebug #150 (security relevant)

The login widget at the navbar contained in its query variable

the password of a user in plain text (e.g. when the user has

mistyped the password, but as well on other error conditions).

Now, the password is filterer in the return_url in such cases.

Many thanks to Khy H for reporting this bug.

For details, see


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Don't customize the notification widget in the Boostrap 3 theme: modern adp:icon functionality makes this obsolete

Define caret after dropdown-toggle the same way for Bootstrap3 as in Bootstrap5

This is a forward compatibility change, probably futuer versions of Bootstrap

will behave the same. Many thanks to Monika Andergassen for the suggestion.

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provide navigation anchors for forms with fieldsets based on section names

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avoid the usage of images for sorting order icons

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Deprecate template::util::is_true, implemented as a simple string command oneliner since 2015 and inline occurrences

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remove traces of md5::md5, since ns_md5 is emulated also for AOLserver

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passing properties consistently with @....;literal@

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passing properties consistently with @....;literal@ and not "noquote", since noquote content is already parsed

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fix typo and modernize code

Whitespace changes

Use input type 'search' in search widget

Whitespace changes

Use the new 'email' input type widget

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Include download link for .apm files

The W3C validator (Nu HTML Checker) throws an error on meta-tag content-style-type

improve spelling

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added editor hints and white-space cleanupCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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Use glyphicon instead of gif image in for info texts

file standard.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

reduce warnings from Chrome audits

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add proper bootstrap markup for util-user-messages CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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Use the paremeter 'LoginPasswordAutocomplete' to decide on the value of the attribute for the password element in the login form

Whitespace changes + Editor hints

Disable autocomplete on login password field on 'openacs-bootstrap3-theme'

Make sure, the pull-down login window does not hide under navbar

(e.g. when xowiki menubar is shown)

use proper bootstrap botton CSS classes

fix site issue #139