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Revert massive replacement of empty list creation sentences. The use of '[list]' instead of '{}' adds semantics that could be used for performance improvements in the future, such as using a different internal representation. There is already work in this direction, avoiding the generation of the string representation during comparison of empty strings (huge thanks to Stefan Sobernig for the pointer: https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/info/44527c632ed609c2).

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Prefer '{}' to '[list]' when creating empty lists

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changed index page to use adp; added link to parameters

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1) Added PG support

2) Added David Walker/Andy Piskorski's aolserver-errors TCL script

3) Fixed a bunch of bugs (but it's still an ugly 3.x package)

4) Adjusted the top monitor to work with linux's top

5) Added drop scripts

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Forgot to define binary files before importing, so .gifs were messed up.

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Initial revision

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