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improve spelling

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Several fixes, mainly:

- Freeing tdom objects from memory

- Invoking on_completion triggers for acts, plays and method

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Using a more generic vocabulary without LD specific terms.

Fixing the conditions to show an activity and an act.

Fixing the addition of resources to the environment and the instantiation of a new activity.

Fixing a problem with file properties.

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Merge from oacs-5-5.

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Fixing the property group forms, so they dont refresh the whole page but just the content area.

Fixing the individual reports so they work if only the activity_id is provided.

Adding messages to know whats going on during the import of the UoL.

Changing the show/hide panel icon for a more proper one.

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Setting the mime-type for imsldcontent resources.

Release of version 1.8: improvements in export, HTML generation and edition fetures.

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Fixing distinction of resource handler.

Fixing query that fetches resource content

Going back to FS as default content manager.

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Reload in div

Uncommenting the addition of a base tag to handle the UoL relative URLs. In case this affects any URL that shouldn't be, we'll change that one to an

absolute URL.

Merge from HEAD. HEAD was previously merged from oacs-5-3.

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Merge from oacs-5-3 to HEAD

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* Modified the parsing procedure to upload into FS also those files in the

UoL ZIP that are not referenced as resources in the imsmanifest. All

images and additional files linked from an HTML page were not uploaded

because they do not appear as resources in the manifest.

* Fixed a few bugs when handling file properties. Also, personal properties

are now created in a sub-folder in the FS to facilitate its identification.

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Added run_id input field in two locations in order for file properties

to upload correctly.

- adding support for properties of type file

* providing upgrade scripts

- adding monitor service of the properties

- fixing bugs

- adding a constraint on the evaluation of the conditions avoiding infinite loops

- now the files of the UoL can be updated/changed from the file-storage UI

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Some bugs solved

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bug with base tag solved

finishing with the level C of the spec (fixing the notification feature according to the spec: notify each user only ONCE)

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level C of the spec:

- notifications

* modifying the data base, adding tables

* modifying the parser, adding and editing functions

* modifying the player, adding and editing functions

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remove server name in base tag, use of absolute path

absolute path for 'action' in forms. Because of probles with 'base' tag

bug when delivering imsldcontent dependent files solved

bug with properties restrictions changed

adding a checkbox in the tree so the user can select his active role during the run

altering the database to store the current active role of the user

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attribute instances for each user in run

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fixing bug when dealing with support activities and set properties (the user_id was always [ad_conn user_id])

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adding the portlet to the user portal, and adding info to the portlet.

implementing when-condition-true, change-property-value and when-property-value-is-set.

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