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Merge from oacs-5-3 to HEAD

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* Modified the parsing procedure to upload into FS also those files in the

UoL ZIP that are not referenced as resources in the imsmanifest. All

images and additional files linked from an HTML page were not uploaded

because they do not appear as resources in the manifest.

* Fixed a few bugs when handling file properties. Also, personal properties

are now created in a sub-folder in the FS to facilitate its identification.

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- adding support for properties of type file

* providing upgrade scripts

- adding monitor service of the properties

- fixing bugs

- adding a constraint on the evaluation of the conditions avoiding infinite loops

- now the files of the UoL can be updated/changed from the file-storage UI

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keep original folder names to not break internal links

bug fixes in the code.

allowing multiple learning-objects and services in the environments (according to the specification)

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first steps of the player (level A, still very early stage)

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first tests of the complete parser (level A) succeeded.

still very early to try something else than parsing ims-ld compliant xml files.

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1. first part of the parser

2. content repository integration

3. postgres scripts

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