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Fix typos

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add missing keys and spanish translations

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Changing the vocabulary to be more user-friendly.

Bug fixing of:

- File properties

- Activity tree visibility conditions

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Merge from oacs-5-5.

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Fixing the individual reports so they work if only the activity_id is provided.

Adding messages to know whats going on during the import of the UoL.

Changing the show/hide panel icon for a more proper one.

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Fixed several problems:

Removed play from activity tree.

Activity tree doesnt show activities with no "visible" property anymore.

Removed filename from environment resources.

Fixed issue that allowed some property groups to be created twice.i

Monitor screen is shown within the content div now.

Made the admin page to be valid HTML.

Changed button label from "Exit UoL" to "Finish".

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Fixing message key typo.

Release of version 1.8: improvements in export, HTML generation and edition fetures.

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Localization updates.

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Adding translated messages and correcting mispellings.

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Adding export messages.

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Added some keywords and icons in Environment edit (cockpit)

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Checkpoint 12.1 (level A): provide title for frames

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Adding missing keys.

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Merge from HEAD. HEAD was previously merged from oacs-5-3.

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Merge from oacs-5-3 to HEAD

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* Modified the parsing procedure to upload into FS also those files in the

UoL ZIP that are not referenced as resources in the imsmanifest. All

images and additional files linked from an HTML page were not uploaded

because they do not appear as resources in the manifest.

* Fixed a few bugs when handling file properties. Also, personal properties

are now created in a sub-folder in the FS to facilitate its identification.

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improving the algorithm used to display the activities tree, taking into account more possible cases (the completion restriction of the activities, etc)

adding an "eye" icon to the activities that have been viewed

using bold letters to indicate that the activity hasn't been started

fixing bugs

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- Improving performance when uploading a zip file: Removing unnecesary

revoking of permission 'read' on resources.

- Fixing message keys in en_US locale.

- Adding message keys for locale es_GT.

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Several changes on the monitor screens. Shows now a summary of user activity.

Included imsld-master.adp for all pages in GRAIL. Needed to reorg. some code

to use such template.

Added a few messages in localization hash.

Fixed a few bugs when showing the environment, variable names, etc.

Produced a template for easily produce a select statement (choice-select.adp)

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- creating the urls in the adp files

- moving the css to the imsld.css file

- adding a master template for the package, which is based on the zen masters to provide a "standard look"

* this master uses the zen files, like for instance, make use of the HC and STD modes

- adding a imsld.js file to centralize the javascripts

- using zen styles when possible

ther's still some work to do...

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zenifying: removing inline styles, providing alternative ways to navigate through the course when there is no javascript nor css styles

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roll back zen changes (merged to oacs-5-3 branch)

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merging (from head) zen changes to oacs-5-3 branch

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first steps in order to zenify the imsld package

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- adding support for properties of type file

* providing upgrade scripts

- adding monitor service of the properties

- fixing bugs

- adding a constraint on the evaluation of the conditions avoiding infinite loops

- now the files of the UoL can be updated/changed from the file-storage UI

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- adding monitoring tools for the runs

- fixing bugs

- improving UI

- upgrade scripts for version 1.0

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finishing with the level C of the spec (fixing the notification feature according to the spec: notify each user only ONCE)

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level C of the spec:

- notifications

* modifying the data base, adding tables

* modifying the parser, adding and editing functions

* modifying the player, adding and editing functions

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setting automatically the current_role of the user if there is only one choice.


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