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removed file-add-2* because file-add is now self-submitting

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Removing file-add-2 since it is unnecessary - file-add posts to itself now.

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merge of changes between oacs-5-0-0b4 and oacs-5-0-0-final to HEAD

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max_number_of_bytes not properly defined for the error message, bug 1279, Gerardo Rene Morales Cadoret

merge of changes on oacs-5-0 branch to oacs-5-0-0b4 tag

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Upload ZIP file with multiple internally linked files feature for Heidelberg

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Removing unused file-add-2.

Simplified upgrade to swap name and title.

Added upgrade for oracle and fixed oracle functions.

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Adding curly braces, so the page will be cached

Removed old debugging log statements

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1. Added support for retrieval of live revision of files by their URL (a.k.a. virtual URLs).

This will make relative linking of images and sub-documents in HTML documents work.

As a small bonus, HTML and text documents will be templated, but only if they

are being stored in the db. Files stored in the file system look like before ...

2. Provided upgrade scripts for file-storage and the CR.

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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Changed this file to make sure that a user can delete and admin perms on

files they upload via the file-storage UI. Previously if you only had

write privs on a folder, you couldn't delete or admin privs on your own

files uploaded to the folder.

- Adds table cr_extension_mime_type_map,

- Adds function cr_filename_to_mime_type [-create] filename

- Adds function cr_create_mime_type -extension -mime_type -description

- Removes *_maybe_create_new_mime_type

- Updates acs-content-repository to 4.6.3. Ugrade scripts provided.

- Updates dependency information for several packages.

- Adds most mime types plus comprehensive list of extension to mime-typemappings.

- Maps .c .h .c++ .pl etc to text/plain

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Date/time/number localization

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changed to calls to message lookup proc that now only takes two arguments

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I18N: converting file-storage to using the message catalog

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ns_return->ad_return, ad_script_abort, redirect to absract urls

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fixed a bunch of queries that were select

s instead of perform.. file uploading works on pg now

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More sensible(?) error message.

*** empty log message ***

New content_item now has subtype file_storage_item so that site-wide search can distinguish file-storage items in CR

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Forgot to define binary files before importing, so .gifs were messed up.

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Initial revision

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