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removed file-add-2* because file-add is now self-submitting

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Removing file-add-2* since all is handled by file-add now.

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Removing unused file-add-2.

Simplified upgrade to swap name and title.

Added upgrade for oracle and fixed oracle functions.

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Moved root folder creation to apm after-mount callback. Added UI to

dav enable a file-storage instance. Converted file-add to ad_form and

cr_import_content. fix.sql includes fixes to bugs in acs-kernel and

acs-content-repository. Added update_last_modfiied for the content_item

when a new revision is uploaded so that last modified is displayed


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Roll in fixes from sloan.

Adds folder-edit to rename folders.

some bug fixes in postgresql procs.

Adds file_upload_name to fs views.

Supports upload of files with unkown mimetype (needs change to acs-kernel datamodel)

changed vendor to openacs.

Needs db upgrade script. Notched version from 4.1c to 4.2

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fixed a bunch of queries that were select

s instead of perform.. file uploading works on pg now

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Various changes to support storage in filesystem

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New content_item now has subtype file_storage_item so that site-wide search can distinguish file-storage items in CR

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Initial port.

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