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- fix bug in content-type creation: etp created entries in acs_object_types for non-existing table_names and non-existing id_columns

- fix HTML vality of several pages

- bump version number

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- improve performance of by using precomputed :folder_id instead of

etp__get_folder_id() in SQL query

- use ad_proc's argument parser instead of local implmentation in get_content_items

- use numeric comparison operator for truth value comparisons

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bugfix: fixing bug #2618: sql syntax error

bugfix: fixing bug #2618: sql syntax error

Add missing comma.

Fixing etp::get_subtopics, although it isn't used anywhere, etp::get_content_items is more genearlly useful. Closed bug#669

Adding support for enhanched text formbuilder widget and converting etp-edit

to use ad_form. Increased version number for added pl/pgsql proc with upgrade script.

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Merge in updates from 4.6.2

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Update to 1.2b. This adds search service contracts for all etp managed

types through a system that automatically registers the service

contract implementation for each type. It also fixes the content type so

that it is set correctly. New cotnent types should subtype etp_page_revision.

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Fixed a bone-headed error on my part ...

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I misspelled a query name. I also removed a bogus ns_log Error that someone

had added at some point in time.

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fix two new bugs in get_content_items

Incorrectly copied query (from the Oracle version) made it here ...

1. changed db_qd_log to use the passed-in level rather than gluing things

to "Debug" for convenience. I then changed all the "Notice" calls to

"Debug". Then my one "Error" call I added worked! :) If a query file

has a syntax error in it now, an error is logged to the server log but

bootstrapping continues.

2. Lots and lots or etp oracle fixes and some PG version clean-ups

3. Some file-storage files were unconventionally named.

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updated dynamic sql procs

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pulled out some more pg dependent querys

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updated to conform with package name standards. This means all etp_* need to be etp__*

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Contributing ETP to openacs.org CVS server

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