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- improve performance of by using precomputed :folder_id instead of

etp__get_folder_id() in SQL query

- use ad_proc's argument parser instead of local implmentation in get_content_items

- use numeric comparison operator for truth value comparisons

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Re-added fixes that didn't get merged in from 4.5

1) bboard-procs-postgresql.xql

2) etp-procs-oracle.xql

3) subsite/www/admin/users/new-postgresql.xql

4) SQL fix in acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/apm-create.sql

Edited the acs-kernel upgrade script that JonG initially created (PG)

Created an oracle upgrade script

Added upgrade scripts that i had written for 4.5b->4.5 back in (didn't get merged)

Update the acs-kernel .info file to 4.5.1

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One quick fix to etp oracle

Fixed a bone-headed error on my part ...

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I misspelled a query name. I also removed a bogus ns_log Error that someone

had added at some point in time.

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1. changed db_qd_log to use the passed-in level rather than gluing things

to "Debug" for convenience. I then changed all the "Notice" calls to

"Debug". Then my one "Error" call I added worked! :) If a query file

has a syntax error in it now, an error is logged to the server log but

bootstrapping continues.

2. Lots and lots or etp oracle fixes and some PG version clean-ups

3. Some file-storage files were unconventionally named.

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updated dynamic sql procs

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1. Modified the init code so edit-this-page doesn't die if there's a type

name clash with an existing content type ("News Item"). It now skips

the registration of that application after an error and continues on.

2. Hacked and whacked at the Oracle version, still a lot of work to do.

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1. The PG port of apm__register_parameter had a tiny error which caused it

to not set the new parameter to its default value in any of the effected

package instances.

2. Glossary - added admin as a parent of glossary_admin so admins can admin.

3. edit-this-page PG: removed code that was written because of #1 above

4. edit-this-page Oracle: finished the datamodel port, added drop script

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pulled out some more pg dependent querys

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Contributing ETP to openacs.org CVS server

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