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Fix typos

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- add etp__create_extlink/5 as in use on openacs.org

- add backwards compatible stub etp__create_extlink/4

- bump version number to 1.9d5

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Bug #3215. Plus changing fetching nextval of sequences.

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merge changes on oacs-5-1 branch to head, changes between jcd-merge-20040420 and jcd-merge-5-1-20040517 were merged, head pre changes is jcd-merge-pre-20040517 and post is jcd-merge-post-20040517

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Source the search service contract implementation on install.

merge of changes between oacs-5-0-0b4 and oacs-5-0-0-final to HEAD

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Fix bug#1308. Change default mime type to text/enhanced.

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Adding support for enhanched text formbuilder widget and converting etp-edit

to use ad_form. Increased version number for added pl/pgsql proc with upgrade script.

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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Moved edit-this-page's acs-subsite parameters to acs-subsite, and removed them from here. Bumped up the version number and require acs-subsite 4.6.3. See bug #479

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Merging fixed from oacs-4-6

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Changed varchar(400) variable declaration to varchar in pl/pgsql functions.

adding missing files from merge

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fixed infinite loop in etp__get_title for content_symlinks

Fixed etp__get_description which would go into an infinite loop on

content_symlink types.

Update to 1.2b. This adds search service contracts for all etp managed

types through a system that automatically registers the service

contract implementation for each type. It also fixes the content type so

that it is set correctly. New cotnent types should subtype etp_page_revision.

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merge bartt PG 7.3 fixes from HEAD

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Patches to make OpenACS PG 7.3 compatible.

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merge from oacs-4-6

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Make ETP play nice(r) with the content-repository so that it properly supports the OpenFTS search.

This change fixes 2 problems:

1) Revisions were not scoped to content-items. As a result only site wide admins could search ETP content.

2) Deleting ETP content did not remove the live version and thus the content was never removed from the OpenFTS index.

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fix problem in sql drop script

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fix minor bug with name of auto-page-number sequence

1. The PG port of apm__register_parameter had a tiny error which caused it

to not set the new parameter to its default value in any of the effected

package instances.

2. Glossary - added admin as a parent of glossary_admin so admins can admin.

3. edit-this-page PG: removed code that was written because of #1 above

4. edit-this-page Oracle: finished the datamodel port, added drop script

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Remove nasty code for dropping constraints on content-repostitory audit table. The workaround is no longer necessary.

deleted need to alter cr_folders

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don't remember, probably nothing

renamed to follow APM standards

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