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Removed format HTML tags

Untabify and indent

Fix redirect url

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Link to the dotlrn community only if the user is member or swa

Resolve conflicts after merging oacs-5-4

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Add title and fix breadcrumbs

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Add missing properties (context and title)

Localized the "All" option of the select widget

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HTML Strict cleanup: removed trailing slash of the BR tag

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Fix typo

HTML Strict cleanup

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Merged changes to HEAD ...

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conversions to use list builder

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Merging dotlrn-all and dotlrn-extras from oacs-5-2

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more fixes for 2835: title attrib for links. Added id and headers to table (wcag 5.2). Fixed select_non_member_classes in manage-membership to obtain also classes that don't have end_date

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First shot at merging oacs-5-2 apps used in .LRN to HEAD.

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Check SelfRegistrationP flag to allow/prevent users from leaving/joining communities

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Added SelfRegsitrationP parameter to allow/prevent users from joining/leaving communities or classes on their own

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Added active start and enddate. Only show classes where the active end date is not in the past (after all you would not join a class from the past).

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Fixed some german language keys. Added functionality for displaying course information before joining

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committing changes, improvements and fixes to assessment, assessment-portlet, dotlrn, dotlrn-assessment, dotlrn-catalog, dotlrn-evaluation, ecommerce, evaluation and evaluation-portlet

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Reverting change

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Reverting change

Fixed bug #1880. Added richtext editing to the bulkmail messages

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adding new .LRN admin features, by Hector A.

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Applied patch #309 to fix bug #376

I18N: merging many one word messages into messages containing phrases to make translation to languages such as finnish easier (for example, finnish doesn't have prepositions). For the en_US messages I have decided to keep the reuse of pretty names of classes, departments etc. inside other messages. This reuse is optional though and will not be appropriate for some languages (such as finnish).

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making the dotlrn package (with its .adp, .info, and .tcl files) use the message catalog

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copyright OpenForce -> MIT

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showing correct role names in manage memberships page; fixed up some messed up tables too

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adding license

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