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Use course_id to key course links

Fix bulk reject. Use acs_rel api instead of dotlrn api

Support no registration classes. Support section administrators

Setu application groups

Hide instructors filter on calendar page and don't let search robots search the calendar indefinitely into the past.

Mark invoice payments to be captured.

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Allow disabling revoking community membership for waiting list users.

Trim section key before creating section.

Get rid of outer join forcing sequential scan on cr-items!

Add popup to select which sections to display on the appliations page

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Add new filter features

Group by is no set when no grouping so check if it exists

Do grouping in the database instead of using listbuilder.

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Fix server error when viewing one section.

Scholarship fund package might be installed but not mounted under

dotlrn-ecommerce, so check for it.

Move formtemplates out of ul. The new div based template does not align

properly inside the list.

Remove html width and nowrap to make sure buttons don't extend outside

the table.

Fix typo

Add link to assessment responses

Synch latest dotlrn ecommerce code

Dynamic selection of list style

Add tclwebtest tests

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Remove duplicate login page. Use the one is acs-subsite.

Do NOT duplicate the login page

Updated message keys

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Show confirmation page after auto registration applications.

Remove debugging info

Add grouping by section name. Add attendance filter.

Remove debugging code

Handle course with no sections