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Hide instructors filter on calendar page and don't let search robots search the calendar indefinitely into the past.

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always use course_name: section_name as calendar name when in calendar view mode

fix colors in calendar view to make it readable

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fix calendar view so that the calendar view can be filtered again according to category, fixed the view all so that we include the date querystring so that when you view all you still stay in the month you are currently viewing

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readjust color coding, some of the colors are not distinguishable

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fix view all and view calendar links, fix the color coding in calendar view

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commit changes from July 11 to July 16 the week that cvs.openacs.org was down, added concept of membership and membership pricing in dotlrn-ecommerce shopping cart various bug fixes and modifications to dotlrn-ecommerce

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various update, bug fixes and changes to dotlrn-ecommerce, attendance, expenses and expense-tracking

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