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Adding the ability to add the opposite end of a relationship, i.e. either an employer OR an employee when creating a new contact

Upgrading to 1.2b30, which consolidates group membership addition to contact::group::add_member and changes the UseSubsiteAsDefaultGroup default to "1" - included is an upgrade script to move all users of a contacts application group to their respective subsite application group since the previous sweeper method was error prone.

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Added support for employee adding and return_url

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removed object_tpe as it was not needed after all. add ed mail callbacks

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Added support for adding an employee directly into the system

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Removed the early redirection

Move creation of the contact to the background

The secondary object type can sometimes be a party, sadly though the system only checked if it was of the type of the new created contact.

Adding the pages and procedures for contact privacy controls (set via a parameter) and upgrading the contact version so that db and catalog changes are loaded

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adding contact::contact_form_after_submit callback that is acted up at the very end of processing the contact add and edit forms. I need the information from the form to be in the database so the other callbacks (which run before then) wouldn't work

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Changed callback execution

Mass commit. Made sure that role_two and object_id_two work with the new relationship adding. Made sure the callback for relationships contains the package_id, I18N groupnames

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small fixes in master, contact adding and relationship update

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converting contact::special_attribute::* procs to callbacks and fixing contact::url proc for package instance awareness

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Made sure URL goes back to package_url

Fixed one issue with group_ids

Fixed permission issue with contact adding

fixing cancel url

removed check for application group. the same functionality is dealt with by the default group check and the code is redundent

New I18N, additional rel_type in contact::contact_form callback, added adding to .LRN for person upgrade

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commit changes of merge with HEAD

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file contact-add.tcl was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2005-11-30 15:31:02 +0000

making changes to use new switch in ams::ad_form::elements procedure to get rid of duplicates in attributes

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adding missing ! in the if clause

checking for privileges over groups before editing or adding a new contact

taking out the option to create a user from list

fixing user locale preference

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added callback to add new person

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Changed the contacts so they actually make a little bit more sense. removed the contact::person_new callback as it would not work in all situations

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callng implementation for contact::person_new

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