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Provide a specific message key for when messages are not available

Many thanks to Sebastian Scheder

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Update message keys

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add one more missing message key

added missing message key, whitespace cleanup

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Modify message keys

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Add "Web notifications" for new messages in the chat. See:

"You should only request consent to display notifications in response to a user gesture

(e.g. clicking a button). This is not only best practice — you should not be spamming

users with notifications they didn't agree to — but going forward browsers will explicitly

disallow notification permission requests not triggered in response to a user gesture.

Firefox is already doing this from version 72, for example, and Safari has done it for some time."

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improve spelling

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Align XoWiki UI naming to that currently in xowiki.pretty_name

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Provide a localized help-text for the xowiki-includelet feature (thanks to Günter Ernst for the german translation)

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Chat Redesign: enable/disable avatar pictures by room, using the new attribute 'avatar_p', instead of by package instance, using the 'ShowAvatar' parameter.

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Add better explanation in UI for the 'Archive' option

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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Added missing message keys for en_US

Fix typos in message keys

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Added catalog file of new message keys

Chats won't throw an error anymore when people keep looking to a room that has been closed.

Instead, user will be informed that the room is unavailable.

Added missing locale key source of errors in the log.

Fixed wrong stored procedure, stating different arguments than in actual usage.

Cleaned up weird idioms in xql files and chat api, moved many db operations into tcl api.

Exploited cache (ns_cache) to retrieve quickly chat room information.

Improved code quality a bit.

Ported upstream some local modification, like prettifying of flags in chat room management

and fix of double quoting in chat's javascript.

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Added message keys for new options allowing to disable entrance and exit message in chat

Accessibility fixes for iframes

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1. Merge 2.4.1 to HEAD other than assessment, imsld, lorsm, and views.

2. Bump version numbers to 2.5.0d1.

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Fix i18n message translations

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Add missing translations and keys

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HTML Strict cleanup. Accessibility improvements.

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Import of message keys from translation server for core and .LRN packages.

This catalogs have no package version info. Check

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Rolled back HEAD to the version on the 5.3 branch

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reverting pablom's commits to oacs-5-2: see

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removing dependencies with xotcl

adding upgrade script for postgres

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Catalog files form for packages NOT included

in the OpenACS Core

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brought chat in cvs head to the same level as in oacs-5-2, normalized comparisons and expr (using eq etc.)

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fixed various localization problems as reported in bug #2884

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some fixes for localization

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