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fix release dates in .info files

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release work

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change_locale is actually a property of this master that is supplied by the slaves, not a part of the page contract

Add page contract

regenerated documentation

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bump version numbers of 5.9|5.10 packages to 5.10.0b1

adjust dependencies

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improve spelling

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Extend 'category_tree_procs' test case with 'category::relation::add_meta_category' and 'category::relation::get_meta_categories'

Extend 'category_tree_procs' test case with 'category::change_parent'

Extend 'category_tree_procs' test case with 'category::count_children'

Final phasing out of acs_named_objects

- remove table creation

- update documentation

- provide an optional upgrade script to delete the table and the object type (commented out by default, as people might have defined object subtypes downstream).

Context: this table and the related machinery were created at a time where acs_objects where not as mature as they are now and would not include the "title" information. To retrieve the object name, the only option was the stored procedure acs_object.name, which was not scalable.

From an excerpt of the Changelog file:


2004-03-31 jeffd


* packages/categories/tcl/category-trees-procs-oracle.xql:

* packages/categories/tcl/category-trees-procs-postgresql.xql:

acs_named_objects superflous now that title is in

acs_objects. need to fix the rest of the occurances though


This tells us that the phasing out has already been decided back in 2004, but delayed. One technical reason, could be that the acs_named_objects table would also materialize the translation, while the title column would store sometimes a message key, that would need to be translated manually. This is helpful when e.g. sorting by name in sql. However, only the faq and categories package would seem to make any use of the table and only the faq package would seem to maintain its values... This would make some UIs in the categories package practically useless since a long time.

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file upgrade-1.1.5d3-1.1.5d4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Cleanup var, break overlong line

Rework of category UI:

- phase out usage of acs_named_objects, use object title instead

- rework pagination using builtin template::list features

- reduce hardcoded styling and markup

- rework strange database idioms

- remove divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

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Formatting change

Refactor of category mapping UI:

- remove reference to obsolete and unmaintained acs_named_objects, which was preventing the UI to work in practice

- rework pagination and other idioms to long standing template::list best practices

- reduce hardcoded styling

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remove dependency on ad_ns_set_keys

improve listing of test coverage

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Whitespace cleanup

Use page contract

Add 'category_tree_procs' test case, covering multiple category_tree::... procs

Add private procs for checking category existence in tests

Fix typo

Add 'category_get_procs' test case, covering multiple category::get... procs

Adapt proc doc to the implementation

Whitespace changes

Fix 'category::get_id' and 'category::get_id_by_object_title' queries, that aparently got mixed up in the past

Fix 'category::get_id' query

Whitespace changes

Set categories for tests