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Add include contract

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Accept previously valid formats

Streamline idiom

Add include contract

Notice that this page is stored under www, but is de-facto an include.

passing properties consistently with @....;literal@

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Set edit_what to a valid default

Gradually improve usability and security of the calendar item new/edit form by adding additonal input validations. Prefer built-in input validation over custom validation. Also make sure all needed Javascript is in place.

Make sure the value we validate is a list

Return a 422 complaint, introduce a generic error message when an item is invalid

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Cleanup inconsistent doc and redundant statements

Log the error message

Return a 404 and trap the error when one supplies an invalid ID

Fix validated input format

Apply a date-aware validation

Cleanup redundant validation

Add input validation

Don't pass around variables that are not meant to be changed by the UI as hidden fields

Allow the maximum size permitted by the datamodel in the UI, but then validate it before saving

Streamline ns_set idiom

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regenerated documentation

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make template::adp_puts private again. removed some of the weirdness in calendar attachments

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Use the new 'url' input type widget. Bump version number for dependency

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Whitespace changes

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Use the new ad_form 'number' input field. Bump version number for dependency.

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improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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added editor hints and white-space cleanup

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Replace deprecated idiom

Adapt clock format for the now stricter 'lc_time_fmt'

improve spelling

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Fix typo