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Reduce divergencies between oracle and postgres codebase

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Removed .LRN dependencies from calendar (essentially the view include

scripts only worked from within .LRN or calendar itself). Did a bunch of

clean-up of stuff being computed by portlets that are totally ignored by the

calendar include scripts. If the semantics are wanted, they should be put

into the calendar package itself. Switched a bunch of stuff to properly use

export_vars, and to generate links inline rather than subst an awkward

template. Got rid of the use of site_node_object_map in calendar, because

calendars have a perfectly usable package_id in the data model (should really

be rewritten to use package_id in the underlying acs_objects row), and the

URLs generated by site_node_object_map are just as easily generated from this

package id. Bonus: site nodes are cached, the site_node_object_map is not.

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Merged oacs-5-3 branch to HEAD

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Add XQL files to attachments icon.

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Merged changes to HEAD ...

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Update calendar for Zen

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merge of changes up to jcd-merge-for-dirk from oacs-5-1 to HEAD

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Numerous little fixes to make calendar work against .LRN. Weird that noone has complained yet.

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Moved cal_items_types to outer join.

A few more CSS modifications

Slimmed down the CSS file considerably

Removed markup from the view pages

Unified multirow names

Unified sql queries

Use partialqueries more consistently

(These changes should be backwards-compatible with .LRN 2.0 and .LRN

head. Testing needs to be done here, fixing will take place during the

feature freeze period)

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Cut out some clutter, more css'ification, fixed the bug that item-add drops the current view and date

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Lumped all the different view-pages' query into one thus drastically slashing the amount of code that looks subtly different but effectively always retrieves calendar items for a particular interval.

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