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prevent overquoting with OpenACS 5.10

Replace ad_decode idioms

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Fix proc and contract doc elements, so they are properly parsed by apidoc::api_*_documentation.

- @cvs_id -> @cvs-id

- @version -> @cvs-id

- @creation_date -> @creation-date

- @date -> @creation-date

- Different variations of $Id$

- Remove wrong @param entry

- Fix typos

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remove unneeded "expr" statements

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- strengthen page contract and minor cleanup

- allow post requests only from logged-in users

- strengthen page contracts for return_urls

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- protect against too large bug numbers (causes pg errors)

- don't access @patch.patch_id@ for displayed_object_id, if it does

not exist (view mode)

- don't perform message key subsitution in user contributed bug description

- add csrf protection for search

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- provide default value for desc_format

- revise last patch

- - fix bug, when "description" is not set either

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

- fix bug, when desc_format is not set

- standardize url construction to protect against injection attacks

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- harden page contracts

- imporve readability

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- return error when invalid mode was specified

- harden page-contracts against injections

- update version dependeny for acs-tcl

- bump version number

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- brace expressions

- flatten nested "lindex" structures

- use tcl 8.5 extended index format for "lrange"

- normalize string expressions

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- use property "doc(title)" instead of "title"

- replace deprecated "ad_permission_p" by "permission::permission_p"

- replace deprecated "template::util::quote_html" by "ad_quotehtml"

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- fix provided privilege for permission::require_permission

Avoid usign deprecated ad_require_permission. Using permission::require_permission instead.

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no need to split line into 2.

setting filename on response headers when downloading patch.

Add content dispositon header to patch download and filename.

change ad_verify_and_get_user_id to ad_conn user_id, change ad_maybe_redirect_for_registration to auth::require_login, make some db_ and dt_ function -public

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commit to HEAD of merge of changes on oacs-5-1 branch between tags jcd-merge-5-1-20040724 and jcd-merge-5-1-20050111

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Send enabled_action_id to bug_tracker::bug::edit when closing a bug

and accpeting a patch at the same time.

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some more minor fixes for i18n

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fix some of the i18n issues incl bug 1748, bug.tcl patch.tcl still borked though

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I18N: A first stab at internationalizing Bug Tracker by Nima and Joel. This commit will probably introduce a number of bugs. You may use the before-i18n tag for reverting or for seeing how things have changed.

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add a bt_bug__name function, populate acs_object.title, bump to 1.4d2 upgrade postgres, need oracle

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