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improved spelling

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fix setting defaults when partial information is provided

improved robustness for interrupted requests

fix setting of dict value in error cases

make sure, variables for emergency settings are provided

generalize handling of premature ends of request processing at client side

add one more alternative end, in case nt_load_end is not available

boomerang: substitute 'nt_load_end' by 'nt_domcontloaded_end' when nt_load_end is not available

handle clases, where "nt_load_end" is not provided

provide exception handler for cleanup

further improve recording, when just navigational timing is effective

Improved robustness

When not nt_con_st or nt_con_end is provided, set nt_tcp_time to 0

base all timings on NavigationTiming plugin to get closer to previous behavior

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bump version number to reflect usage of a new boomerang version

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update version to 1.737.0 (the setup is now slightly different, but described in the site-wide-admin page

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protect against invalid data

fix typo

improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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fix typo

improve robustness when partial values are sent by boomerang

add one more heuristic to deal with partial information returned from boomerang

try to figure out, how to improve robustness further

improve robustness when just partial results are returned by the library

handle missing nt_domcomp case without raising an error

improve robustness when partial results are returned

improve spelling

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omit boomerang in the "bots" pool

adjust to new behavior of boomerang

log boomerang js error as a warning

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allow to reach exactly upper boundary in sanity check