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Remov epackage version from catalog file. Add count to list.

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Adding certificate printing capability. If reportlab python library is

installed the system will allow printing of PDF certificates based on


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Add filter. Fix percentage display.

Add link to attendance by student from portlet.

Add filter for minimum days attended.

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various update, bug fixes and changes to dotlrn-ecommerce, attendance, expenses and expense-tracking

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commit most recent changes from ecwork to cvs head, dotlrn-ecommerce added patron support, fix UI, added mos link to mos ticket tracker, bug fixes, new page flow for participants and patrons, category widget bugfix, bug fixes for expenses and expense tracking, create custom ecommerce pages for transactions done by admin for participant/patron, add anon-eval package, ae-portlet package and dotlrn-ae package to repository

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commit new attendance package that uses part of evaluation data model and API

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