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Update clobs properly on Oracle. content::revision::new can't tell if

the database datatype is a clob.

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Added Validation Block field when creating a question. This allows validation of the answer entered by the user. This is especially useful in a registration assessment -- it allows the email entered to be checked if it already exists and prevent the assessment from continuing.

The value of this field must be multiples of a TCL boolean expression and an error message separated by spaces.

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added support for likert scale and horizontal mc display

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added support to edit result points; added support for assessment password; added message to mark at least one correct choice; bugfix in browsing catalog to next page

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check constraints before starting assessment; check time constraints when submitting responses; added ip_mask to as_assessments; added indexes to speed up datamodel

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added support for resubmit of answers; removed unnecessary empty revisions when creating a new item

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fixes: back button in item-add, dates in assessment add/edit; added calculating result of section and session

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added support for images in items and choices

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