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Merged changes to HEAD ...

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Abstract handling of updates that happen on even admin edit page for item-edit.

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Fix as::item::edit,copy,new_revision to keep content when creating a new revision of a as_item. Added tests.

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Add includable pages for LORS delivery.

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Merge oacs-5-2 to HEAD

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2006 Feb 21: Merged recent changes from HEAD

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Added Validation Block field when creating a question. This allows validation of the answer entered by the user. This is especially useful in a registration assessment -- it allows the email entered to be checked if it already exists and prevent the assessment from continuing.

The value of this field must be multiples of a TCL boolean expression and an error message separated by spaces.

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optimized speed, show names of responsing users in anonymous assessment, set existing choice set when editing item, display more fields for item copy, csv date range, removed item name to field name, fixed assessment creator to be initial creator

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changed caching of item data and display type data

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Performance increase for the display of the administration page due to clever caching. Has the additional benefit that we will memoize the items display upon creation and not only for the first user

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fixed breakage due to back button; fixed lost simultanous edits; added nospells to forms

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changed datamodel for items, sections, item-section-map, assessment-section-map; added section display types; added support to move/delete multiple choices; added item and section catalog

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added admin pages to edit items, copy items, copy sections

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