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Make api public, as this might be called in adp files from other packages

Modernize javascript idiom

Allow to specify javascrit event handlers at the tcl level using CSS query selectors

Fix long standing regression

After https://cvs.openacs.org/changelog/OpenACS?cs=MAIN%3Adaveb%3A20080908165252, in template::list::write_csv we started looping through the list "elements", rather than the "display_elements". This prevents specifying different sets of columns to be returned depending on the "-formats" and "-selected_format" options in template::list::create. Many thanks to Oasi Software that customized this proc a long time ago, so that I could realize where the problem was.

make template::adp_puts private again. removed some of the weirdness in calendar attachments

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Mark 'template::adp_puts' as public, as it is used in 'calendar'

Whitespace changes

Make 'template::adp_init' public, as it is used in other packages. Fixes 'callgraph__bad_library_calls' test case

Whitespace changes

Add minimal proc doc. Fixes 'documentation__check_proc_doc' test case

make procs public, since these have to be called from pages of other packages

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Fix typo

Remove duplicated code

Add new ad_form input types

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Use the 'search' input type in the search widget

Add new 'url' input type to 'ad_form'

Add 'template::widget::number', a widget for the form input type 'number'

Make api public, complies with acs-api-browser.graph__bad_calls automated test

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remove protection "private", since function has to be called from other packages

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make listing of tested procs more complete

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make listing of tested procs more complete

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improve spelling

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make end of options explicit

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Add missing substitution

Added support for streaming HTML + javascript body procs

Previously, the API for bodyscripts (e.g. template::add_body_script,

template::add_event_listener, template::add_body_handler,

template::add_script with the right flags) was not usable for

streaming HTML pages, since the full processing of such scripts was

handled in blank-master.{tcl,adp}, which is not in use for streaming


Now the function template::collect_body_scripts was added, which can

be used at arbitrary time to collect the body scripts and translate

those to HTML. This function can be used in streaming mode to output

these function when new HTML chunks become available.

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Prefer 'namespace which' over 'info commands', as it is faster (on local tests, around 2x) and returns a single value. Many thanks to Nathan Coulter.

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template::set_css_property: support flag "-querySelector" (in addition to the leass powerful "-class")

don't rely on uppercase header field names

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Document current preferred idiom to quote database lists, without official deprecation, for the time being

improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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