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- update postgres function to modern style plpgsql definitions, avoid backslash escaping

- add missing function_args

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fix typo in the define_function_args call for template_demo_notes__new:

if you want to use package_instantiate_object using some type <t>, then

your call to define_function_args for <t>__new needs to have the object_type

parameter defaulting to <t>

move the sample data include to where it belongs; reformat some code

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activate the inserting of sample data on the postgres side; it works.

add column "color" to template_demo_notes table; add display for it in list2,

add html row for list3 to the demo/index file

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fixed problem with sample data for acs-templating demos of listbuilder

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fix typos in data model, add sample data for demo

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notes-like data model for templating demo page to facilitate listbuilder tut

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