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Renamed standard-lars to standard, and standard to blue

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Applied patch #231 - get rid of buttons multirow, and replace with submit form elements

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CSS'ified standard-lars

Don't show help text in display mode

Added '* required' to bottom of form, if there are required fields

making labels of radio and checkbox options noquoted. For example in dotlrn/admin/users/users-search we have user links in checkbox option labels

Noquoting the widget in formgroups (radio buttons, checkboxes)

Merged 4.6.4d1 (unreleased) to HEAD. This marks the end of the life of the oacs-4-6 branch.

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Noquote the label, because bug-tracker uses this to put a link in the label

Suppress the * indicating required fields for select widgets, since the user can't choose whether or not to allow no value

Added 'show_required_p' flag to forms, made standard-lars the default form style, and added a parameter for the default list style, which won't be relevant until I commit the list builder later, but it doesn't hurt any.

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Improved version of standard-lars, which looks nicer, has * for required elements, and has cleaner [i] help_text look

Fixed some noquote stuff in form templates, fixed conflicts in default-master

caused by the curriculum update and my bracketing of "if" exprs (failure to do

so causes Tcl to compile the expr every time)

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Upgrade to 4.6.2: Form builder extensions, richtext widget, etc.

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Made the help text not have so much vertical space around it.

Changes to how buttons work: Form-builder now takes care of determining which buttons to use, not the template; Added actions functionality to form builder

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Implemented some enhancements to the form builder:

- support a -mode switch on forms, which can be either 'display' or 'edit'. If 'display', all fields are grayed out, and the pretty value is displayed instead of the internal value (e.g. the label of the element of a list).

- support multiple buttons on the form. Used for the 'Edit' button, but can be used for other buttons as well.

- Fixed all the standard templates to include the new buttons and to use the <label> tag.

- Added an example to the documentation showing how this new display/edit mode looks.

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merge from oacs-4-6

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small typo spurious > in radio/checkbox widget with no label

align right for ok/cancel buttons meant that with a wide form the buttons were of the right side of the screen. (bug tracker with a wide preformatted text desc) bug 45

Date/time/number localization

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Added <label for=...>...</label> tags to radio and checkbox widgets ... improves the UI slightly.

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Better display of help_text

Don't use fixed with for form

Merged with the 4.5 branch (oacs-4-5 tag "don-merge-1")

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Added new form style, used in the bug-tracker

file standard-lars.adp was initially added on branch oacs-4-5.