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Make length greater than 0 in 'ad_pad' test case

Fix test category misplacement

Take care of string values when these are longer than the randomized length

Whitespace changes

Set tests as 'production_safe'

improve spelling

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change references from "http://*tcl.tk/" to "https://*tcl-lang.org/"

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improve spelling and deactivate changes that were probably needed only for Firefox 2

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Make test independent from server configuration (e.g. proxy redirects) by providing hardcoded values

perform javascript escaping with more regular semantics

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Introduce new ad_js_escape with the purpose of sanitizing tcl strings used inside javascript code from escape sequences and from quotes in particular and provide some test cases

TODO: consider its usage into templates when e.g. we are putting a URL into javascript functions such as acs_ListBulkActionClick. URLs might in fact contain single and double quotes.

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improve source code documentation of ad_html_qualify_links and add test cases

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improve spelling

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Overhaul of test cases:

- make tested API calls explict

- reduce dependency on twt

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fix regression test for confusing setup with wildcard IPv4 address and host name "localhost", but localhost is resolved on the host as IPv6 address

Fix typo

New utility ad_pad emulating both lpad and rpad tipically available in DBMSs

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- provide test case for html-to-text conversion

- provide a version of html-to-text based on ns_reflow_text

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- show the URL which is to be retrieved, in the log

- new utility to try 'fixing' invalid HTML

- fixed recognition of protocol agnostic urls

- use location from connection context and configurations to determine whether full urls are local

- optionally use new utility when plain parsing fails to try accepting a broader kind of invalid markup

- some update in test cases

- rename of the utilities with the 'dom' prefix, to make clear that this is the dom approach for sanitizing markup.

As it is sometimes prone to format and content loss, its use should be carefully considered.

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Improved behavior on links by using RFC compliant URL recognition.

Created (working) test cases

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file text-html-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.