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fix typo

improved spelling

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Test db_foreach with -column_set with at least 2 rows to check that feering the ns_set works properly

Test db_foreach -column_set flag, documented and used e.g. in the schema-browser

Changed "db_multirow" to use "db_list_of_lists" instead of "db_list_of_ns_sets"

Thanks to the recent improvements in NaviServer for

"db_list_of_lists", it is more efficient to use this in "db_multirow"

(actually in "db_multirow_helper"). The implementation revealed a bug

in "db_list_of_lists", when both options "-columns_var" and

"-with_headers" were set.

Extended regression test to cover the former bug.

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Fix typo

fix testcase as indicated by hector, extend regression test

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Extend 'db__db_foreach' test case, exposing a regression in 'db_foreach' with an uneven number of columns

deactivate useless warning

update questionable test slightly

extend tests and pinpoint essesntials

Minimize and corrrect test: strings containing the null character are expected to fail when fed to the DBMS, even when quoted

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New automated test

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Increase verbosity

Add 'db_boolean' test case, covering 'db_boolean'

added test cases for db_0or1row and db_1row

whitespace changes

add test cases for db_list*

added test case for db_string with various bind options

whitespace changes

move db-test case to db-regression test files

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improve listing of test coverage

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make listing of tested procs more complete

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Reduce error level to warning in the nullchat test case, as the issue is driver related

Improve portability of test code

Whitespace changes + editor hints

Add 'nullchar' test, which uncovers a bug transmitting the null character to postgres. Many thanks to Nathan Coulter for finding out and creating the test as well.

improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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more more fix for issue #3441

As Keith reported, there is was one more issue concerning missing column_names and empty query results. This is now as well fixed in oacs-5-10. Also, the regression test was extended to handle these cases as well.

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fix for issue #3441

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