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improve spelling

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prefer "ns_conn isconnected" over "ad_conn isconnected", since the latter might not notice changes in the connect state

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improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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report peeraddr and URL in warning, add comment

fine tuing for ad_log vs ns_log

don't depend on the node-id cache, which is only available, when xotcl-core is loaded

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acs::per_request_cache: standardize per-request caching

- added per-request cache verfsy similar to acs::per_thread_cache

- use per-request-cache on several occasions

- bump version number of acs-tcl to 5.10.0d35

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fix typos

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move ad_get_host_node_map and security-locations-host-names from db_cache_pool to partitioned cache

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update comments concering CSP "report-to" directive

remove useless semicolon

provde a global variable as transitional code for controlling passing of password as query variable

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don't pass sensitive information (e.g. password) as query variable, but use client properties instead.

see also issue #3344

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moved "populate_secrect" to "sec_*" prefix to reduce clobbering of global namespace

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addres kernel_id always via variable rathen than via method

backport security patch from oacs-5-10

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add IPv6 loopback address as well as "always accepted" for web testing

allow always in logindata as valid peer

don't trust login_cookie, when no session_cookie is provided

improve cross references in apidoc

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improve spelling

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improve spelling

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use the random number generator from OpenSSL, when available

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make debugging line more meaningful

Delete unneeded line

improve protection against attacked cookies

CSP: allow frame-ancestors

CSP: add default rules for form-action and frame-ancestors

improve spelling

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improve spelling

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