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security::cookie_name: since this is used in acs-lang, it has to be public

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Whitespace cleanup

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Reuse existing api and streamline queries to reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

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Fixed up the apm parameter stuff to the point where I can at least

register and unregister, and cache values of, global parameters. There's

some really funky code here, I also took the time to have the unregister

code use the unregister API in PL/[pg]SQL rather than roll its own.

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Added "-scope" parameter to apm_register_param

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Moved package conversion code from acs-subsite to acs-tcl, as part of

the apm Tcl API.

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Preliminary version of "extend package" code, along with new package

attributes that allow the declaration of packages that are subsites.

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change apm_package_url_from_id to return the first url (after finding half a dozen essentially identical queries to do that in package specific routines I think its clear it makes more sense to do that

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- Added apm_highest_version_name proc

- Added package pretty name to apm_version_get

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when adding the proc apm_application_new_checkbox I forgot to put the different queries in the xql files. Jarkko fixed it. Thanks Jarkko

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Upgrade to 4.6.2

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making apm_package_instance_new the canonical proc for instantiating a package. Deprecating the create_package proc. Adding apm_mark_packages_for_bootstrap that will is used to schedule all necessary files for reload after a set of applications have been installed. Extracting apm_mark_files_for_reload from apm_mark_version_for_reload so that the functionality of scheduling files for reload could be reused.

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merge from oacs-4-6

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missing postgeresql query apm_package_instance_delete bug 1756/patch 453 Ken Mayer

Added apm_package_url_from_id procedure and changed apm_package_url_from_key to use that

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Merged with the 4.5 branch (oacs-4-5 tag "don-merge-1")

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Most of this fixes up the creation of application groups for subsites.

Subsites - for PG at least - still have some serious problems that need


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added support for getting the package url from the package key

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1. Fixed a couple of .info files

2. Got rid of Ben's hack to always reload query files before doing a query

mapping. He did this so you wouldn't have to reboot AOLserver every

time you change query files. It was a short-term hack but unfortunately

it looped virgin installs.

3. Added code to the APM to make the "watch" feature work with query files

as well as library files. This makes Ben's hack mentioned above


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Ignore the remove, it was due to cockpit error.

The rest is minor cleanup stuff.

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query extractor output for acs-tcl

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new version of QD with better handling of absolute/relative paths

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added acs_source to wrap the source command, and changed the QD to recognize scripts called by acs_source

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Big 'ole update to implement multi-db aware packages. Don't try this yet,

I can't *possibly* have gotten all the right files added and removed in

one fell swoop!

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