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Put redundant query definition into generic ones

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Remove usage of apm_package_version__version_name_greater in favor of apm_version_names_compare proc as their logics conflict

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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undo untested last minute check

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Unify version comparison logics so we always use apm_version_names_compare instead of other db api as apm_package_version__version_name_greater plus handcrafted queries which also might behave slightly differently

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.xql-file reform of acs-tcl (part 3)

- remove obsolete queries












- remove obsolete files










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Finished up PG semantics for global/instance parameters on package upgrade.

The Tcl API stuff to do this should technically be moved down into the

oracle/PG API but 1) it's a fair amount of db-specific work and 2) people

should be using the high level constructs in the first place (and why do

people explicitly register new parameters when they're registered from the

package info file on upgrade in the first place?)

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More code dealing with instance and global parameter semantics. I finally

have a reasonable model of inheritance and semantics implemented, not

perfect from a language-theoretic point of view, but works well without

having to rewrite every bit of parameter-handling code in acs-core.

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1. Changed trigger functions from "opaque" to "trigger" to get rid of the

warnings during initial install (only for acs-kernel, there are a lot


2. Added "embeds" for postgresql and partially for oracle.

3. Added global parameters for postgresql and partially for oracle.

(oracle will be forthcoming shortly)

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Fixed the copying of inherited and descendent parameters for extending or

embedding packages.

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Exposed parameter inheritance for use by the interactive APM package builder.

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Preliminary version of "extend package" code, along with new package

attributes that allow the declaration of packages that are subsites.

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add an apm_version_sortable public function, add a test which checks the db upgrade scripts are well ordered.

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1. Made it possible to upgrade from acs-kernel 4.6.1 to acs-kernel 4.6.2

by using the APM rather than running the upgrade script by hand from

PSQL or SQL*Plus.

2. Changed a bunch of package .info files to depend on acs-kernel 4.6.2

to force the APM to upgrade acs-kernel (and therefore the APM datamodel)

before anything else. No guarantee on this though since not all

packages properly define their dependence on the kernel, it appears.

3. Whacked the release notes to suggest people use the APM to upgrade

acs-kernel first, other package later, just for safety's sake.

4. Fixed goof-up in acs-subsite I accidently introduced.

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Upgrade to 4.6.2

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Adding the before-upgrade and after-upgrade callback types. To go along with the upgrade callbacks Lars added the excellent apm_upgrade_logic proc that lets you specify arbitrary pieces of Tcl code to be executed on upgrade from version X to version Y. The proc figures out which upgrade code chunks to source and in which order (with the same logic as with the traditional upgrade sql scripts). Making paths to sql files (create, drop, upgrade) and catalog files (I18N) be fetched directly from the filesystem rather than from the info file. The file listings in the info files and in the database are now AFAIK superfluous and have no influence on the system. Adding proc apm_watch_all_files for watching all files in a package. Bumping up version name from 4.5 to 4.7.2d

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deprecating apm_package_instantiate_and_mount. Adding auto-mounting of packages to the apm_package_install proc. Removing a few inline queries that are not used.

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Fixing APM dependency bug. When installing new packages, the version comparison among the packages to install would use a simple Tcl comparison rather than the version_name_greater plsql proc (i.e. version 0.1a would be considered less than 0.1d). I changed to use the plsql proc instead

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- Missing comma in apm_package_instantiate_and_mount

Fixed problem with two different queries in apm_upgrade_script_compare with the same name that caused upgrade scripts to be run in the wrong order.

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1. Added a new attribute to the .info file which tells the bootstrap

installer whether or not a package is part of the acs-core. Only

acs-core packages are now installed during the initial bootstrap install

of the system.

2. Fixed a dupe query name problem in a couple of queryfiles. The problem

is not with the dispatcher but with the extractor, and for the moment it

is just easier to kludge the resulting queryfile than fix the extractor.

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1. Ripped out the '' vs. NULL string kludge, which was a stupid idea in the

first place (MY stupid idea, for the record).

2. More .xql file porting...

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More porting of the APM is complete! Nearly done, a bug in the datamodel

API and we need to convert from direct use of blobs to using the

content repository.

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changed case type to boolean

query extractor output for acs-tcl

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new version of QD with better handling of absolute/relative paths

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query dispatcher now works with global RDBMS tags, and attempts to work on relative paths (although that's not finalized)

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Big 'ole update to implement multi-db aware packages. Don't try this yet,

I can't *possibly* have gotten all the right files added and removed in

one fell swoop!

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