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remove obsolete page "paramter-set" as indicated by vguerra several years ago

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Reduce divergencies between oracle and postgres codebase

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- remove unused files. parameter-set.tcl was deleted already some time ago

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site-map now uses the site node apis where possible

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1. Blank parameters were listed as being of "No Value", and when you hit

"set parameters" this string replaced the empty string in the database,

not exactly what you want. I changed the code to leave the input box


2. caching of empty parameter strings didn't work. I'd fixed this earlier

for ad_parameter proper but missed the fact that ad_parameter_cache had

the same bug.

With these changes you can now run acs-workflow's admin UI without graphviz

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Make the site-map parameter-set page highlight parameters which have

been overridden by the ad.ini/nsd.tcl file (SDM patch #82)

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Fix SDM bug #979

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Port queries

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fixed ad_table call in site-map

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Port queries

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