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improved spelling

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Test external command line dependencies

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Increase proc coverage

Increate proc coverage

file subsite-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Extend test depending on the setting of EmailForgottenPasswordP

Fix missing variable, test the bug

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Make package_id explicit

Add 'acs_subsite_rel_segment_new' test case, covering 'rel_segment::new', 'rel_segment::delete' and 'group::get_rel_segment'

Add 'acs_subsite_application_group_new' test case, covering 'application_group::new' and 'application_group::delete'

Add 'acs_subsite_rel_type_roles' test case, covering 'rel_types::create_role' and 'rel_types::create_role'

Add 'acs_subsite_relation_procs' test case, covering 'relation_add', 'relation_remove', 'relation::get_object_one', 'relation::get_object_two', 'relation::get_objects' and 'relation::get_id'

Whitespace changes

improve test coverage

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Add 'acs_subsite_attribute_datatypes' test case, covering 'attribute::translate_datatype' and 'attribute::datatype_validator_exists_p' procs

Add 'attribute::value_add' and 'attribute::value_delete' to the 'acs_subsite_attributes' test case

complete listing of covered procs in test cases

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Remove leftovers

Whitespace changes

Add new test 'acs_subsite_attributes' covering the 'attribute::add', 'attribute::exists_p' and 'attribute::delete' procs

improve listing of test coverage

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make listing of tested procs more complete

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Improve sql portability

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Cover more group api

this also exposes a potential problem with group::get_id when a group is created, deleted, and then a new one is created with the same name (e.g. executing the test multiple times). As the memoize cache is not maintained, the returned group_id will be incorrect.

Increase proc coverage

Fix typo

New test checking that no leftover groups localizations are still there on the system

Cleanup test message key

Test covering the automagical localization of group pretty names

Move rel_segments_* procs in new rel_segment:: namespace to comply with OpenACS naming convention, create deprecated wrappers, replace occurrences

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