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Deprecate template::util::is_true, implemented as a simple string command oneliner since 2015 and inline occurrences

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use "ad_file" as a means to avoid unexpected tilde substitution in file names

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whitespace changes

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Fix proc and contract doc elements, so they are properly parsed by apidoc::api_*_documentation.

- Add mising @param

- Add missing @author

- @creation_date -> @creation-date

- @creation-user -> @author

- Fix typos

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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Preserve trailing slashes in urls specified e.g. UserNavbarTabsList

- revert change from sept 15, introducing display_template_sm (not needed)

- adding display_template_sm, a display template for small displays

- added optional flag -include_all to subsite_navigation::define_pageflow to return all subgroups in the resulting multirow (useful for pull-down menus)

- Improve robustness of blank-master: malformed lists in subsite

parameters could render a subsite useless and hard to correct.

Now the validity of lists is checked, errors are written to the

error.log, invalid parameters are ignored.

- added flat list syntax for ThemeCSS specs (easier to read)

- added parameter ThemeJS similar to ThemeCSS (ability to add head and

body scripts)

- added generalized function template::add_script with non-pos

parameter "-section" which might be "head" or "body" to make both

kind of scripts available to ThemeJS

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Made the navigation stuff more flexible by allowing one to specify the

subsite. Useful for making master templates for subsites where you want

to also generate the tabs for its parent (such as the root subsite), such

as .LRN where you've got tabs for the main dotlrn navigation, and subtabs

for within-course/community navigation.

Improved a parameter description.

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It is strongly recommended that one "cvs add" new files ...

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