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Improve sql portability

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Do not convert into upper case the 'id_column' attribute in 'acs_object_types' for group types. This attribute was upper case, both in oracle and postgres, causing a discrepancy with the column real name, found by the 'datamodel__acs_object_type_check' test case. The package upgrade fixes the already existing attributes in postgres.

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Only convert table names to uppercase, during group type creation, on oracle. This was producing case mixed issues on postgres installations, where the table_name attribute on 'acs_object_types' was upppercase, while the real table name was lowercase, as detected by the 'datamodel__acs_object_type_check' test case.

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Try to improve doc a bit. The proc seems to need some refactoring.

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

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Move logics to delete a group type into the API

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whitespace cleanup

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Use subst instead of string quoting to improve readability (syntax highlighting)

Drop -postgresql.xql for "create_table" since there is no -oracle.xql and the -postgresql.xql is identical to inline code.

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Revert massive replacement of empty list creation sentences. The use of '[list]' instead of '{}' adds semantics that could be used for performance improvements in the future, such as using a different internal representation. There is already work in this direction, avoiding the generation of the string representation during comparison of empty strings (huge thanks to Stefan Sobernig for the pointer: https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/info/44527c632ed609c2).

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Prefer '{}' to '[list]' when creating empty lists

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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Some more Tcl cleanup

- use curly brackes to enable byte code compilation

- don't use "[expr ...]" when not needed

- prefer "incr i -1" over "set i [expr {$i - 1}] "

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.xql overhaul:

- removed misleading sql-statements from db_* calls, which were

ignored due .xql files

- removed bug where same query name was used in a single proc

with different intended sql queries, but the same was picked

up from the .xql file due to the name

- removed multiple entries of same query name from .xql files

(e.g. the entry "package_create_attribute_list.select_type_info" was

7 (!!!) times in a single .xql file)

- removed redundant queries for unsupported versions of the dbms

- added missing xql entries for db-backends, where other db-specific

queries exists (e.g. added an entry to -oracle.xql, where an entry

existed in -postgres.xql)

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- add editor hints to keep spaces/tabs in the furture more consistent

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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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- flatten nested list structures

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- use numeric comparison for truth values

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Normalizing string comparison operations into tcl 8.4 operations, enabling byte-code compilation for expressions and many conditionals

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merge all the changes on the oacs-5-1 and dotlrn-2-0 branches up to tag jcd-merge-20040420

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Fixed Bug #1187 by applying Patch #472

fixed more things in ACS-subsite and more site node stuff API.

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Port group-type maintenance (no attributes yet)

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OpenACS 4.x

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Initial revision

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