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improve spelling

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Pass name of form down to form::get_attributes

Fix missing close bracket

modernize Tcl

strengthen page contracts

add ad_script_abort after ad_returnredirect to make termination intent explicit

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make sure to call ad_script_abort after ad_return

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normalize boolean expressions in ADP files

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Add additional where clause to prevent cartersian product of forms and attributes when selecting attribute parameters for a form

bad cache key causing incorrect results to be returned

Added a bunch of files ...

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Relaxed the requirement that an acs object type's specified table name

actually exists (or is null), due to broken packages like categories.

I even provided an upgrade script and bumped the package version number.

Added rudimentary content repository support.

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allow for the extension of an existing form with an AOM object view form

1. Removed some things that couldn't be implemented easily in oracle

2. Made partial editing of a type's attributes work.

This was left over from dtypes, not used by the AOM.

export return_url to form

Removed unneeded queries

Fixed bug in regard to types that require a "to_sql" option to work

correctly. Removed Daveb's kludge to look for to_timestamp() directly.

Fixed bugs in the test code, which was confusing the issue.

Bumped kernel to 5.7.0d4. Modified acs-object-management package to reflect

the fact that attribute and type stuff was moved to acs-kernel.

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add drop table cascade

Fix unterminated XML tags for required

Templating stuff was moved to core recently (by me), in 5.6.0d1, so I've

removed it from this package and made it dependent on the proper version of

acs-templating. I've tagged the previous version of the package as being


make created view with : use _ instead (fix for xowiki object types)

Add test with many datatypes

Add bind var support. Note incomplete hack to handle to_timestamp. Since when we construct the query we don't have access to the attribute/form datatypes. Also return new object_id in new_from_form procedure.

Oops, missing rdbms = pg tag

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1. Changed trigger functions from "opaque" to "trigger" to get rid of the

warnings during initial install (only for acs-kernel, there are a lot


2. Added "embeds" for postgresql and partially for oracle.

3. Added global parameters for postgresql and partially for oracle.

(oracle will be forthcoming shortly)

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added feature to define value/options form parameters by literal or tcl proc.

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added literal/tcl proc options for form parameters, added allowed widgets for each datatype.

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