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Fix message initialization. Was failing in case the message has no alternative and no attachament. In case the message has an alternative and no attachment, it was initialized twice.

I think I fixed the problem with multipart/mixed of e-mails with no attachments. This should be tested though. I am putting this out to see if I might have a mismatch in my train of thought.

Fixed the confusion about single_email_p in complex_send_immediately using the defaults which make most sense. Fixed documentation accordingly

Fix malformed date and encode subject (using helper procs). Set the charset for message body (utf-8)

Turn ds_comment into ns_log debug

Indent code

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Fixed the cmd_string

Fixed bug with missing mail_package_id variable

Added checking for valid emails and record bounces when the email is not valid

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Fixing minor bugs with regards to parameters and started to split up the code a little bit more to make it readable

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Normalizing string comparison operations into tcl 8.4 operations, enabling byte-code compilation for expressions and many conditionals

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Added error tracking to the complex_sweeper and fixed an error with the reply_to address

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Support for from_addr in addition sender_id in the complex_send callback. Correctly handle incoming file attachments. Get rid of hard coded subject_encoding

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Added support for reply_to address

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Fixed problem with very long subjects

More cleaning up and oracle scripts

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Moved complex_send to its own file. Fixed character encoding after finding by accident that a procedure mime::word_encode actually exists...

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