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Use GNU grep when available

GNU grep is now used for the lookup of message keys using the

"--include=" parameter. This improves the speed of the command

significantly and reduces the number of external dependencies (no

"find", or "xargs" needed).

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Removed obsolete files www/admin/lookups-include.tcl

The file www/admin/lookups-include.tcl was replaced some time ago by

www/admin/message-usage-include.tcl but as it looks, not removed from

the repository.

harden page contracts

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Cleanup private interface lang::system::timezone_support_p: ref-timezones has been made a dependency of acs-lang long ago

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improve Oracle compatibility

Improved appearance in TRN mode

- don't set "alt" attribute in classic mode by default to the title.

The title is often be provided as a message key, using it twice

causes two edit controls

- in acs-lang, the extra setting of link_html, which provided

the title attribute can be omitted, since adp:icon renders this

by itself.

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improve Oracle compatibility

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more beautification of admin pages, make interface more consistent

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minor UI improvement

Deprecate export_ns_set_vars and extend export_vars to be able to export also a custom ns_set, which was the real added value provided by this api

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Deprecate template::util::is_true, implemented as a simple string command oneliner since 2015 and inline occurrences

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Reimplement the message-list UI using the template::list

Reimplement package-list UI using the template::list

Reimplement the main admin locale UI using the template::list

Make use of uniform styling based on adp:icon

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Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

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Fix overquoting resulting in batch message key editor

This was caused by the now stricter quoting applied to ad_form, which is used under the hood to produce this UI

make sure that the query variable "show" is only passed non-empty, otherwise the page-contract of admin/message-list.tcl will fail

Remove ancient tests for 'acs-lang', which use obsolete API and don't work for the most part anymore

Cleanup broken tests from the old good days, timezone features in acs-lang are already tested in lang_test__lc_procs

mprove spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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remove quotes from quoted vars

improve SQL quoting

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Fix alt text of image

Delete leftover page from the old good days:

- it is supposed to test the localization data model, but columns are wrong, so it probably refers to an older version

- similar tests already take place in the appropriate acs-automated-tests framework, so makes little point to fix it or port it

- makes use of deprecated api (e.g. ad_footer)

improve page contracts

improve page_contracts

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Use ad_page_contract

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Use ad_include_contract

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Add remark: this file seems to be a leftover from the old good days